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Top 5 ways you can use the space at Flore House as an Independent Small Business

To celebrate the launch of our small business competition, I thought I would share with you why many amazing independent small businesses have used the space at Flore House over the past year. Our top 5 uses are:

  • Photoshoot – product or personal branding

  • Workshop – yoga, wellbeing, watercolour

  • Networking space

  • Exclusive shopping event

  • Team meet-up day

We have had such a wide variety of businesses use the space for photoshoots at the house. Product shoots have been really popular, especially for homewares, soft furnishings, cosmetics and toiletries. Likewise, personal branding shoots have risen in popularity over the last few months with a complete mix of people using different spaces within the house and grounds. From personal stylists to wedding planners to photographers themselves!

We have had such a variety of workshops held at the house over the last 12 months; yoga, Pilates, wellbeing, manifesting and my own Christmas wreath workshops. The morning room is a large, light, bright room perfect for holding workshops. The Library and Billiards room are great break-out areas for tea, coffee and food, before, during and after the workshops.

Flore House has hosted a couple of networking events, with areas in the house for a more formal meeting style gathering but also rooms such as the Billiards room give a more relaxed casual vibe to the event. This has also worked really well for team meet-up days. Due to many companies choosing to allow staff to work from home and staff being spread far and wide throughout the UK, it is important to get together every now and again; Flore House has been that place. With great transport links – under 5 minutes from junction 16 of the M1, two train stations within 5 miles and parking for up to 75 cars on site.

We have also had the most amazing exclusive shopping event held at the house. A local independent clothing shop invited a select number of customers to preview a new brand they were about to launch. It was a spectacular evening which oozed luxury and exclusivity.

The amazing independent small businesses we have had at the house have been a real mix and ranged from clothing brands to cosmetics, to personal stylists, to yoga and Pilates teachers, to homewares to name just a few. The scope of the house means it’s incredibly versatile, the rooms are large meaning it’s easy to create sets and work around them. The eclectic mix of décor and furniture means it works for a wide variety of tastes and brands as there’s something for everybody and finally it’s up to you which rooms you choose, there’s nowhere off limits.

So as you might have seen we have just launched our small business competition. All you have to do is enter your details in the link below, to be in with a chance of winning the use of Flore House for your business. You will have the opportunity to use 3 rooms of your choice within Flore House for 3 hours (worth £250). How will you choose to use the space?

You’ve got to be in it to win it, so click the link below...

It has been such a blast meeting small business owners and staff this last year, with so many different and interesting stories. I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months hold and what businesses will choose to use the space at Flore House next.



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