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Starting out...

It’s with great excitement I get to tell you lovely lot, I’ve decided to start a blog!

So, make yourself a cuppa, grab a biscuit or two and get comfortable …

More recently, I have been using Instagram stories to show you a bit of the behind the scenes at Flore House, but there is so much more going on to tell you about! So, a blog felt like a great space to share all this with you.

I want to be able to share what I get up to day to day, tell you about the latest renovation and interior projects I dream up, my impulse buys and what happens at the house ... There’s never two days the same here … well apart from Lockdown 3.0 when it has felt a little bit like Groundhog Day some days!

So, I thought I would start by introducing myself for any of you who don’t know who I am. I’m Georgie and I have lived at Flore House for the last 7 years. The house had stood empty for over a year before we moved in. It had massive water damage in some of the main rooms, lead had been stripped from the roof, there was no working heating, the garden was a jungle and there was not a single light in the house, just wires hanging from the walls and ceilings. However, all this was quickly forgotten, when on the first night at the house I stood in a very dark bathroom and just a foot away from me was a barn owl watching me from the windowsill … magical! … and what do they say the rest is history! Well not quite …

Last August we flung open the doors … and have welcomed wonderful guests for luxury stays, had dozens of photoshoots, a few music videos shot in the house and just before Christmas the Floristry School was launched with plenty of fizz, mince pies and our Christmas wreath workshops … It’s been an incredible whirlwind with a global pandemic thrown into the mix for good measure! … But I’m so excited for 2021 and being able to share the goings on in this special place with you all.

Well, I’ve had my 5 minutes peace here talking to you, number 3 and 5 have just asked what’s for tea for the 1546th time today and the chickens and pigs need putting to bed … Peppa Pig and Rosie Piggy were my Lockdown 3.0 impulse buy, and we are in LOVE! … who would have thought I would be classed as a ‘Hobby Farmer’ by DEFRA … not me!


Catch up again soon.



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