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I’ve made a secret camp in a far corner of the house away from the family. I’ve taken supplies … a very large mug of tea, and a handful of custard creams … I wonder how long before one of them discovers me.

Well, what a difference a couple of weeks can make ... going from the Beast from the East part deux to spring days and sunshine … and some good news … a roadmap out of lockdown from BoJo!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here with Half Term and the start of another house project …the removal of the ugliest pond you have ever seen! Another impulse project … but I’m not too shabby with a hammer; paint brush or 3 tonne digger as it turns out! … although my kamikaze approach to demolition apparently needs to be kept in check.

The little sausages, have started their agility training with number 3 and all seem to have a very enthusiastic approach towards training!

However, I digress, I hopped on here, to tell you about the incredibly exciting Friday evening here a couple of weeks ago; when we had Slowthai and Skepta film their latest music video for ‘Cancelled’ at the house. Don’t panic I had to google them too … but as it turns out Slowthai is very famous and currently number 1 in the album chart!

It was a very cold, dark evening, and nobody started arriving until after 5pm … they have different body clocks, this was breakfast time for them! It was a small crew, camera men, a photographer and the production team. I had to light all the open fires for them, lend my moisturiser to Skepta, and I even got a chance to hobnob with the celebs … who were both incredibly lovely chaps!

It was thrilling to watch filming, so atmospheric and at times quite eary, with lights shining through the windows from outside, rigged up on scissor lifts. There was such a creative, energetic buzz in the house during filming … my favourite scenes were filmed under our beautiful 500 year old Cedar Tree, lit by shafts of moonlight, and apart from Skepta wielding a chainsaw during the scene, it was quite magical!

If you fancy watching the full video, click the link below … see if you can spot your favourite corners of the house …

According to the children, my street cred has gone through the roof! And on that note, I will sign off, worryingly I haven’t been found which usually means the house has been ransacked …


Stay safe,

Covid Government Guidelines were adhered to throughout filming. Flore House is a Covid Safe Venue.



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