An executive retreat, a historic filming location, a backdrop to a glorious photoshoot? Yes, but also a piece of British history, an architectural masterpiece and a window into a bygone age.  


Nestled in one of the most idyllic parts of the UK, Flore House represents a glimpse of High Society, a taste of luxury that most people only experience through the tales of Jane Austen.




Withdraw from the world to the quiet seclusion of Flore House, a magnificent stately retreat from busy modern life nestled in the Northamptonshire countryside. It’s extravagant, elegant, and just for you.


A private wonderland of your own, receive the keys and have the run of the place for an exclusive getaway, event, or occasion. Whether you want privacy for a family retreat or the grandest of settings for a once in a lifetime party, you can find that here at Flore House.




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Dating from early 17th century Flore House offers striking architecture from the late Elizabethan period and has a very distinctively British charm inside and out. Featuring both manicured gardens and wilder areas within the grounds, Flore House allows for a variety of exterior shots in addition to the stunning interior. 

Whether you need to capture a fashion shoot, a period drama or a high-quality portrait, Flore House has some of the most spectacular backdrops in England. Built in the early 1600’s and substantially remodelled in the early 19th and 20th centuries there is architecture from a number of time periods and eye-catching décor throughout. 

The exterior is no different with magnificent gardens and parkland stretching into the distance and a variety of pristinely manicured landscaping and wilder woodland areas to suit various requirements.


Notebook and Pen


Flore House was a great environment and really helped us achieve the high society vibe we were going for.